Friday, July 1, 2011

Vineyard Camp Session: D

Wow another week has flown by so quickly!!!  As I write this is am sitting in he infirmary with a sprained ankle.  Falling yesterday was probably the highlight of my week, but let me tell you all about the rest!

After having long talks with my head counselors, I have finally been able to get them to come together and do some great things! Thanks to them I was able to step back quite a bit this week.  This in turn resulted in less stress for me, which I was greatly thankful for.

The week was seriously a great one! I had so much fun with the girls!!  I was so happy to finally have some old campers whom I love dearly come!!!  They are seriously some of the best girls and I love being able to spend time with them and mess around with them!!

On Wednesday evening after a bonfire one of my staff came to me and thanked me.  I asked her what for and she said "For showing me who God really is and how important it is to have a real relationship with him."  To say the least people, I was in shock!!  A happy shock that is!!  It is so awesome to be seeing the work God is doing in peoples lives, and I am thankful that she is coming to know Christ.  Please keep her in your prayers as she continues to learn more.

The only other big thing that happened this week was....I SPRAINED MY ANKLE!!! Now people this is serious.  I have never sprained or broken anything, and I never want to again.  Unfortunately I do not have a good story other than I stepped wrong off the porch of the office and rolled it.  We all thought it was broken given that it swelled up immediately.  Thank God the X-Ray's did not show a break!! And thank God I had my sister and brother there to take me to the hospital!!  For now I am on crutches (so not for me) and drive a golf cart around and live in the infirmary.  Hopefully all will get well soon!!
This was taken at the is still this big if not a bit bigger and turning colors now! Dont worry all I still look super cute every day :))))

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