Friday, June 24, 2011

Vineyard Camp: Session C

Let's be honest.... this was a Horrible No Good Very Bad Week!!!!! And I'm not even kidding  a little bit!  I thought about only telling you all about all of the great times I am having at the Vineyard, but if I didn't tell you the honest truth who would I be? Not the real Mosby!!

So the bad week started with a rough Sunday check-in.  All cabins were full and then next thing I know I have 4 extra campers show up!  This can always be expected to happen so I just grabbed Dean and thankfully he fixed everything and I calmed down.  The rest of the day goes beautifully well...until that night.  It was 10 P.M. all campers were in bed and it was time for our usual Head Counselors Meeting.  At these meetings we plan all of girls camp activities, spend some time together, go over all that important stuff we need to go over, and then off to bed for us!  I was super excited because I had gotten food for the girls and I really wanted to make this meeting a fun one!! Also I had pretty much planned almost everything for the following week, but the activities.  I had the theme ready, the devotions ready, everything but the specifics of the activities.  BUT before we even sat down, people were already complaining about being there and wanted to leave!!!  I was shocked to say the least.  I then got all upset and flustered and forgot about half of the things I needed to go over with them.  I was so upset by the time that meeting was over that I cried.  Needless to say I got no sleep that night.  I was so sure everyone hated me and that I was doing a horrible job. All I kept asking was if I was doing such a bad job then why had God placed on my heart to take this position!?  I was very discouraged!

The next day I was so stressed out and upset about the night before that I pretty much cried to anyone who would let me!  I just didn't know what I was doing wrong and how I was going to fix everything!!! Also that day was the day the pain returned.  As many of you know I have trigger points on my back and left shoulder.  In over 6 months I had not had any shooting pain down my arm or back, and that day I did.  This also really discouraged me.  Thank God for my sister is all I can say!! If she had not been there I do not know what I would have done! She calmed me down and told me she was going to fix everything! And thats what I needed.  I needed help, but I was afraid to ask for it! Seriously people she is the best and lifted me up and helped me get through all of this.

Tuesday morning I woke and was sick.  I was super congested, dizzy, and achey all over.  Not a happy camper to say the least!! But I had to go on with the day.  Between campers running off and having to go up and down girls camp hill countless times, I was exhausted and people noticed.  I wished they hadn't but they did.  Thankfully they were all friends and I had nothing to worry about or hide.

Then Wednesday came.  The night to talk to my head counselors about needing their help.  And also Camp Out Night.  All of girls camp was suppose to Camp out.  And lets just say many people did not want to.  And they lucked out... it stormed so we didn't have to.  But Mattie sat down and talked to the girls and I am hoping that we are all going to be on the same page for the next week.  They all responded well, and I am hoping things are going to turn around this weekend.

Thursday comes and I was pumped!!! Three cups of coffee before 8:30 and boy was I hyper!! It was fun because we got all of the girls into it!!! It was XiRho day and I was bound and determined to have at least one good day this week! And I did.....till that night.  Drama Drama Drama!! People need to just do their jobs and it would make mine so much easier!!!

Now it is Friday, and it is my day off!! I am happy to be out of camp for the day and I am hoping this time alone will help me to calm down from this week!  I am seriously in need of some prayer right now!! Pray for me to be encouraged and to have the strength to get through this next week!!!

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