Friday, June 17, 2011

Vineyard Camp: Session B

Two weeks down, and six more to go! This  past week was another AMAZING week!! We got our first campers and really got to start the summer off with all of our activities.  Between getting to know people better, working our jobs, and spending time with campers, there has been lots going on here at The Vineyard!

Sunday was our first check in day, and lets just say it was CRAZY!! About 100 campers came to check in and we had staff running all over the camp to make sure the campers were getting settled in.  I was responsible for greeting all of the female campers and their parents.  SO many hands to shake! It was a long afternoon but we got everyone here safe and sound!

Monday was the start of a crazy busy week for me! Between making sure all campers arrived, getting cabin listings for the following week done, and also coming up with 21 Deaconess names for my staff, I NEVER stopped.  I didn't get rest period, and I was always running up and down girls camp hill.  I also almost lost a camper once, but no worries we found her safely in another cabin!

Even though I have been super busy, and got asked 5000 questions a day, I have LOVED my job.  The girls camp theme for this week was Fear Factor and I talked to the girls about how they had no need to fear because God is always with them.  I have also gotten the chance to see one of my staff come much closer to the Lord since she has been here!!! Honestly people I could not be in a better place right now!!!

Mid week I got a pretty awesome surprise..... Mattie came up and surprised me!! I knew she was going to come at some point but had no idea it would be Wednesday!! I have been so happy to have her here! She has been so great in helping me with how to be GCD and also just a good listener for me!  I love that she is here and want her to stay all summer!!

I have had a great week as you all can tell! And I cannot wait for next week to get to know even more girls!!! Again prayer is always welcome for me and for the camp!!

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Anonymous said...

Mo, I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! This sounds so wonderful and I am so excited to see you using all your gifts! You will be such a great GCD all summer, I am sure of it. So proud of you, woman. Can't wait to hear more details:)