Friday, July 22, 2011

Vineyard Camp Session: G

Another week has flown by, and I am now preparing to go into my last week at camp Vineyard for the summer of 2011:(  While I am sad that I will have to say goodbye, I am looking forward to going back into the real world!

So this past week....yeah.  I feel like i should be writing all of this in Spanish, since that is the only language I heard pretty much all week!  This week was Mexican invasion week!!!  We had about 70 Campers from Mexico arrive.  And while they are loads of fun and we are happy to have them, I am super tired of saying "English Please!!"

This week girls camp killed at XiRho AGAIN!!!!  After changing the song like 10 times, we finally decided on the World Cup song from last year "Wave Your Flag" by K'naan.  I was really worried though because when we practiced the girls looked dead.  I kept telling the "Pareces muertas!!!!" which means you look dead!  But when it came time for XiRho they were alive and loud and had tons of fun!!!

So far for this week the drama has been kept to a minimum, which was good news for me.  I was not quite as stressed most of the week, and got quite a bit accomplished this week!!

Please continue in your prayers for the camp and for myself and that I have a great final week at camp this summer!!

My BEAUTIFUL head counselors after the girls attacked us with soot from the fire pit! Loves them:)))

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