Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Letters

Dear School, This is the last week of you until next semester.  I will not miss you all that much.  A break from the papers and tests and projects will be wonderful.

Dear Beach, I am coming for you!  Give me two weeks and I will be there! Me and you are going to become best friends this summer.

Dear Best Friends, I am going to miss you soon.  I love being able to see you everyday.  Don't worry I will come visit Tennessee this summer and spend time with you.  Y'all should also come to Florida.  I'm telling y'all it's pretty awesome down there!

Dear Drive Home, You are two weeks away and I am already dreading you.  12 hours in the car is not ideal to me.  Please go by fast and provide some entertainment for me.
Im going to hope my car doesn't look like this again!

Dear Left Shoulder,  I want to kill you. You might just be the death of me.  If you could quite possibly stop hurting me all the time I would greatly appreciate it.  The pain you put me through is not very nice.  Also can you please let the doctor know in two and a half weeks why you are causing me pain? Stop hiding and spill the beans already!!

Dear Summer Job,  Please come out of hiding.  I need to find you and I need to find you BAD.  I'm a hard worker so please come find me soon!

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