Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Apartment Makeover Part 1

If you didn't already know I am SUPER DUPER DUPER excited about moving into my new apartment in just less than 2 months!!!!  Seriously I wish I was moving tomorrow and had everything ready to go.  Unfortunately/fortunately I still have some time.

This weekend I completed my first apartment project.  There will be more makeovers so that would be why this post is title Part 1.  

My parents gave me a table and 4 chairs that had been in the upstairs of our beach house that was really only used to hold our stuff and hang towels over.  While I did not love the coloring of it, I fell in LOVE with the basic design of it.  

This meant I had some work to do.  And I was extremely excited to makeover my very first piece of furniture!  So here is what I started with:

Since I do not have any other white furniture going into my apartment, I decided to spray paint the table and chairs a chocolate brown.  And since I do not plan on have a beach theme, I got rid of the sea shell fabric and added fabric that was more my style and color.  And here is what I got:

I honestly could not love it more.  And since the table was free I only spent about $24 on paint and $22 on fabric.  This means for less than $50 I have a brand new (to me) table and chair for my apartment.  Oh and by the way the glass is missing for the table top!

Up next I have a desk to makeover, some couch pillows, and some other fun crafts!  I cannot wait to not only have it all done but all in my apartment as well!


Lauren Tomlinson said...

Mosby, I love what you did with your table and chairs! They look awesome!

Andrew said...

While the chairs looked nice before, what you did to them looks amazing! Great job!

Brittany said...

You did a great job!

Miss Riss said...

OMG this is amazing!! It looks awesome!! I'm so impressed right now!!! And a little (a lot) jealous =)