Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Vineyard Camp Memories

From the time I was 10 years old until I was 20 I spent every summer at the most fabulous place on Earth.  The Vineyard Camp has a HUGE part of my heart, and after seeing all the fun that is going on this summer I have decided to share some of my favorite memories and pictures!

I only have pictures from when I started to use Facebook.  That means we can go back to my last year as a camper and work our way up.  Get ready to see me from 2006-2011!

2006 was the year that I made one of my first lifetime friends.  Even though Sara and I got off on the wrong foot, we quickly became super close.  She even dated my brother at one point.  I loved my last year as a camper more than any other.  And looked forward to the next year when I would FINALLY be staff!

My first year as staff meant getting the Best LIT award, starting more lifetime friendships, and finding out how some campers can truly change your life.  Oh and No Purple ruled this summer.  As it did every summer...at least we had a sign this year!

The summer of 2008 I spent my whole time in the craft hut.  Loved being there and all the girls who came in! As you can see Sara and I were still the best of friends.  The Hardin 4 were together and when we were no one could stop us!  And while I may never have good things to say about camp outs...sometimes when your with people you love they are not all that too bad!

The following two groupings of pictures are really a combo of 2009 and 2010.  2009 was one of my favorite years.  I was lucky to get to go that year, as I was about to start college and had to apply late when I learned I would be able to make it.  I had the best time staffing the best cabin.  Team Tink ALWAYS!

2010 was a rough year.  At last minute my sister took the job of Girls Cap Director (which ended up being just fine) which has me worried, I worked in the store all summer with the best staff I could have asked for, and I was sick with my shoulder most of the summer.  But no summer at Vineyard is ever regretted!

Now there is a big reason why there are not many pictures of 2011.  I was the Girls Camp Director and was SO busy.  It was a crazy summer, but as always good.  I could not have gotten through that summer without the great girls who were on staff.  Some of us took sometime to get along, but we all made it in the end!

Sometimes friendships are made that last.  Sylvana and I met our first year as staff and for four years after that were inseparable during the summer.  I could not have gotten through my years as staff if it wasn't for this girl.  I love her so much and know one day we will see each other again!

I could have added 1000 more pictures and 1000 more words.  But sometimes pictures are better.  I love the Vineyard and I love the friends I made there.  I still talk to them on a regular basis and would not trade the time I spent with them at camp for anything.

Thank you Dean and thank you everyone who I came in contact with at the Vineyard.  Everyone made such a huge impact not only on my life but on my walk with the Lord.  To say He is present there is a major understatement.  I pray those there this summer find God there the same way I did growing up.  Oh what I would give for one more summer at Camp Vineyard!

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Miss Riss said...

This looks like such a blast!! I always looked forward to church camps in the summer time...life just doesn't get much better when you're young, carefree, out of school, and hangin out with your friends!...btw, do you ever get weirded out when you think of how long you've had Facebook? I do. ...haha