Monday, July 15, 2013

Random Thoughts For Tuesday

  • Today is a bullet point kind of post day...because I have nothing else better to write.  So instead I have for you some random thoughts that have been going through my mind. 
  • I wish I had more ideas for blogging. I can always use suggestions for new posts!
  • I signed up for a 5k this weekend and I cannot wait for it!  Not only do I get to run it with Sherry, but I also think this is what I need to help me to keep going and stay excited about my half marathon in October.
  • I really miss my besties.  Which is why I am already planning a trip up there in a month.  Even if I  really should be spending that money on my new apartment.  But I love them more so it will totally be worth it.
  • Totally and completely lost my train of thought and have no clue what I was going to put in this bullet...
  • Oh now I remember what I was going to write...I  love and I am SO beyond grateful for friends who have given different household items to go into my new place.  I'm a poor kid and plus I love redoing things so it is perfect!
  • I spent the past weekend moving apartments for my sister.  And I was a bad blogger and took a total of 0 pictures.  Which is why I didn't write about it all...
  • One of my real life besties wants to start a blog about her gluten free lifestyle.  She needs a cute blog name.  Any suggestions?  As you can see in the picture below she is fun, cute, and the bestest ever!

Well friends that is all for today.  Hopefully tomorrows post will be much better.  Actually I know it will be since I just got the best idea!

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Miss Riss said...

Hahaha, I love your train(s) of thought!