Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Recap

Even though today is Tuesday and the week has already begun, I still feel like it is kinda the weekend.  Why do you ask? It's a holiday weekend, and we have family in town and I get to spend lots of time at the beach this week.

After spending 4 hours at the car dealership on Thursday for my sisters car she paid me for my time in wine.  Wine will always be accepted as payment! I was so ready to get to the beach and enjoy that bottle!

Saturday morning I needed to get a run in and reach my next goal of 2.5 miles.  After talking Friday night to some friends, one offered to come run with me.  I had forgotten how great it is to run with someone.  Sherry didn't say much, but having her there helped push me to keep going.  Thank you so much for going with me Sherry!

That run was so great and I found my love for it again.  I have learned that I need to stop comparing myself to other runners and just be proud of myself for what I have accomplished!

The rest of the weekend was spent battling the rain and making sure Boone had enough tree limbs to play with.  Seriously that dog has more energy than anyone I have ever met!

Yesterday and today I am back at work but then have off Wednesday and Thursday.  I can't wait to get back to the beach and celebrate out country and Dad's birthday!  If I am not around these parts much no worries I will be having fun:))


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Miss Riss said...

Oh Boone, he's so cute!!