Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sometimes and Always

A while back Megan at Mackey Madness had this great little link-up called Sometimes and Always.  When I was a little newbie blogger this was one of my favorite link-ups to do.  And as I was pondering what I wanted to write I remember this and thought "Hey I should do another one of those posts."  So I am.  Enjoy:)

Sometimes...I go get pedicures
Always...I go with the French pedicure.

Sometimes...I misjudge people pretty badly.
Always... I regret it and do my best to make it up to them even though they probably have no clue I am.

Sometimes... I forget to drink any caffeine all day (kinda like yesterday)
Always... I get really bad headaches and I can't shake the feeling of needing a nap

Sometimes... I feel bad about my running skills
Always... I tell myself I am doing this for God and myself.  So who cares how slow I am or how far I go?!

Sometimes... I worry real life people think my blogging is cray cray
Always... I run into someone who says they read my blog and love it and I then get really embarrassed

Hope everyone is having a great day and getting ready for the weekend! I know I cannot wait for it to be here:)


Miss Riss said...

I loved this link-up! For some reason I was under the impression she didn't do the link-up anymore, is that true?!

Amy said...

Awww I loved this link up! I'm pretty sure this is how we first found each other!