Monday, June 17, 2013

Future Apartment Ideas

Hopefully pretty soon I will be moving into a new apartment!  And while the process of finding said apartment has not been the most joyous, planning what I want my place to look like has!  Here are some fun idea that I have for my new place.

There is so much about this picture I love.  To start with I love the chest of drawers with the cream bottom and wood top.  And then everyone on top of the drawers?  Love love love! I hope to use lots of mason jars and cute bottles for pieces like this!
I think there should be something above every bed.  And I love the idea of putting my initials above my bed.  And inside a picture frame?  Makes it even better!
I hope to have bookshelves all over my apartment.  And while most of them will be filled with all of the books I have (I may have an obsession) I want to have the shelves looking cute too!
While in most places I want to have lots and lots of pictures, I am loving this idea of hanging plates.  I think it adds some great charm to a kitchen!
Bold patters are going to be all over the place in my apartment.  Stripes are my favorite and I hope to use them whenever I can!

Along with the plates like I mention above, I also want to have prints all around mixed in with pictures.  I love walls full of fun and cuteness.
While I have all of these ideas and inspirations, I am waiting on finding the right place for me till I work on anything.  I really cannot wait to make my place a home!  Warm and cozy and stylish here I come!


Hayley! said...

These ideas are great!! Your apartment will definitely be cute!

Miss Riss said...

"I love you, blogs and coffee"...hahaha! I love it!