Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happiness Is...

Last night I could not come up with anything to write about.  We all have those days when we lack the inspiration needed.  So I put it out on Twitter and sweet Melody gave me the idea for this post.  Check out her blog and send her some love!

What is happiness to me?

Happiness is... coming home and curling up in a big oversized chair with a blanket and writing my heart out.

Happiness is... getting cuddles from a cute little baby at work.

Happiness is... a new book to read.

Happiness is... a quiet hot day by the pool reading that new book.

Happiness is... talking to my friends and knowing that no matter what they will always be there for me...even if I do live 12 hours away.

Happiness is... knowing I am right where I need to be in life even if some days I have my doubts.

Happiness is... knowing that no matter what my God will be right by my side and never give me more than I can handle.

Happiness is... having people who love me and encourage me no matter what.

What is happiness to you?  What makes your day 10 times better?  



Amy said...

Love love LOVE this post!!

Hmm, for me happiness is the last hour before I go to sleep and the first hour after I wake up where it's just me, my bed & my bible. It's the feeling after a good work out, that one that leaves you feeling strong & beautiful, no matter how sweaty and gross you really are :)

Miss Riss said...

Happiness is reading Mosby's blog... =) haha