Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend was crazy busy one minute and then nice and relaxed the next.  Not sure how much I liked that, but hey at least I was able to relax some and enjoy my weekend at home.

Friday was the busiest of all days for me.  I had to go into work all morning.  And when I got off we spent all the time in between my next shift looking at apartments.  Like I had mention last week it has been some kind of chaos finding a place.  

I had found the place I wanted but I needed to convince Dad it was the best place for me...even if it was a touch out of the price range.  So I took him to see the place.  And that was all it took for him to see that this was where I needed to be.  

This means I have signed a lease for my first apartment!!!!!!  I move in September 5 and I could not be any more excited!  I am so ready to start planning everything and getting my craft on!

Speaking of getting my craft on...Saturday I worked again in the morning and then came home to sewing lessons.  My Mom has sewn for years and I have recently wanted to learn how.  I really want to make my own quilt but she thinks it will be too hard. 

My first attempt was this little scrap pillow, or a mouse pillow as we like to call it.  What you don't put out little pillows for your mice to sleep on?
And my final project was these two pillows!  Now I am fully aware that making pillows is very very simple.  But hey you got to start small and work your way up!

Sunday I curled up on the oversized chair in my room all day and watched tv.  It was SO nice to chill and be by myself for a day.  I love the time I get to spend not doing anything.  Sometimes a day full of nothing is just what I need!



Heather said...

Yay! So excited that you found a place to live. My process is taking a bit longer since I live 6 hours away from where I am moving. Can't wait to see your adventures in your new place. Is it still by yourself?

Miss Riss said...

Congrats on your apt! So excited for you! And yes, a day to yourself, all curled up with a book, sounds perfect!!

Jamie said...

That's awesome. Congrats on the pillows!