Thursday, June 13, 2013

What Did They Say?

I work with kids just about everyday.  And I love it more than anything in world.  But it comes as no shock to anyone that those little darlings can say some of the funniest things!  And well being the good person I am, I have written down some of my favorites from this week!

"My leg hurts.  But only on this side of the room."
Our kids are separated by a half wall depending on their age.  Well this little guy was about 4 years old which meant he needed to be on the toddler/baby side.  But since we didn't have a lot of kids we were letting him go back and forth between the rooms.  I finally told him he needed to pick a side and stay there.  10 minutes later he complained his leg hurt, but only when he was on the side of the room he was in.  If he moved it would be all better.  I told him I hoped his leg felt better when he left:)

"Everyone is my slave.  And they are my slave because I am cute."
Yeah not cute 6 year old girl.  A parent was so proud their child said this to their baby sitter.  I was in shock.  My child will never be allowed to say this to anyone, and even if they did I would not encourage them to keep saying it!

"Sometimes babies don't think like us."
Said by a 9 year old girl who was sitting in the baby room trying to help.  She was telling me that babies just don't think like us right now but one day they will.  Now I am wondering what babies do think like...

"I wish I had super powers so that I could save the babies from being hurt."
The same 9 year old from above said this one.  She was so cute and I loved that she loved the babies so much that she wanted to always be able to keep them safe.  Now I wish she really did have those super would save me from a lot of stress at my job!

Oh how I love my kids and being around them.  They always have me smiling and laughing at everything they say!


Hayley! said...

Haha! These are great! I wrote a similar post about what my little nuts said in sunday school..

Miss Riss said...

I'm not around kids very often, so posts like this CRACK ME UP! hahaha! So funny!