Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Recap

I know I am a day late for posting about my weekend, but to be fair my weekend had an extra day in it!  I had yesterday off and was no where near my computer most of the day so I decided to enjoy the day and put blogging off:)

Saturday I had the morning shift at work so I did not make it down to the island until mid afternoon.  But no worries I made it in time for the party...or brought the part as I would like to believe.

In case you were wondering, we Hardin's are very classy people and cool our fancy wines in our ice maker.  Be jealous.

After a fun night with friends I knew I was going to have to get up in run in the morning.  I am training for a half marathon (update on that tomorrow) and had my longest run ever to get in...4 miles.  I did it.  And I will give you all the details tomorrow.  Please come back tomorrow?

After my nice long run, we all got ready for a boat day.  It had been a couple weeks since I had been on the boat and I was SO ready for some sun.  Add that to new bathing suits and I was the happiest camper. Even though I got sunburned. 

Monday was my extra weekend day.  I had the day off and decided to stay at the beach house for some much needed Mosby time.  Since moving home other than my runs or workouts, I do not have nearly as much Mosby time as I use to have.  So any day that I can lay in the sun with a good book in hand and be by myself is always a good day.

I seriously recommend this book to everyone! I read it back in high school and I am really interested to see what I think this time around reading it.  Yes I am the nerd that rereads books for fun:)


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Miss Riss said...

New bathing suits are the best!! I was on a new bathing suit rampage a couple years ago and bought like, 4 new ones every year! I haven't bought any in quite a while and I feel like this is the year for new bathing suits again! Hahaha! Yay for summer!