Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Finding the Positives in the Negatives

To be honest with you this is something I struggle with all the time.  Finding the positive in the negative.  I strive to be the person that everyone always thinks of as positive and happy, but I am constantly failing at this every day.

Sometimes life just becomes way too overwhelming and all I want to do is cry and complain to everyone around me.  But what I have to realize is that this is not always good and helpful, it even can be a dangerous thing to do.

So from here on out, especially after this past Sunday, I will be trying to make a much more conscious effort to be more positive and happy.

What happened Sunday you may be asking?  Well flight delays.  My flight out of Texas was suppose to leave Harlingen at 11:02 and connect in Houston and leave for Tampa at 1:19.  Well then there was some weather and my first flight was delayed for almost 2 hours.  This meant I would miss my connection home.  

Fortunately I was not the only one of this flight.  Lauren and her husband Jacob, the preacher who married Josh and Becky (the bride and groom from the wedding) and even the bride and groom themselevs were in the same shoes.

We all would miss some flights and be stuck in airports for an indefinite amount of time.  Normally this would make me freak out.  But instead I had my best friends there with me and we had fun.  We even enjoyed lunch on the airport floor.

We took this negative situation and turned it into something positive.  Being stuck together meant we got to spend more time together.  And I would not trade that time with them for anything!

I know that I can always find something positive and stop being negative.  And even in those times when I think I just have no positivity in me I know I have an amazing God right there with me to guide and help me through whatever I am going through!

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