Sunday, July 7, 2013

The 4th & Weekend Recap

Happy belated 4th of July friends!  I know I am late in posting my festivities, but I was just having too great of a weekend to even think about blogging.  I call those weekends the best kind of weekends.

The Fourth was spent watching a parade that morning and then cornhole by the pool that night.  I wore my Fourth of July bow and Boone got all the beads, that is after he crawled under the golf cart to get some shade.  It was fun to be with family and doing much of nothing.

Unfortunately, Friday morning I had to head back to work.  And that was not exactly what I call fun.  But at least I was able to come home to a bottle of wine, a good movie, and a nice sister.

After looking for a dining room table for my apartment, my lovely mother had the idea for me to take the one that was upstairs at our beach house.  That table was really only ever used for holding things when we came down.  Lucky for me (yes I mean lucky) the table and chairs were not the color I wanted.

I LOVE the design of the table and chairs, just not the color.  I have no other white furniture so it would not fit at all in the new place.  Unfortunately for you, you will have to wait till later to see my finished project...let's just say IT'S PERFECT!

In the midst of refinishing said furniture above, a little creature decided to scurry its way into our house.  You see I opened the front door, saw said little creature, screamed and ran outside with the dog, Mattie screamed and ran inside and therefore the door was left open and he sneaked on in.

Oh did I mention said creature was a SNAKE!!!! Yeah and he was a feisty one at that!  Apparently Hardin's are not snake fans at all.  So I had to go get the next door neighbor (who we later found out is scared of them too) to come get the snake.  He went from my mom's office to under the couch to the back porch to being shoved out the screen door.  45 minutes later we were very happy to see him go!

Saturday night I Face Timed with my best friend! We seriously could not figured why we had not done that before! It was so great to here Lauren's voice and catch up with her.  Hopefully in about a month and a half we will be doing that in person!

The rest of my weekend was spent curled up on the couch watching episode after episode of One Tree Hill.  Just the way I like it:)
Hope you all had a wonderful Fourth and weekend!


Miss Riss said...

I totally agree with your opening statements =) ...and seriously?? A snake?? INSIDE?! I would freak out!! Glad you made it out alive =) haha

Brittany said...

A snake in your house??? Are you kidding me?! That is insane