Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy Weekend

Sometimes my weekends run over to Monday and I don't have my computer to blog.  So this means it takes me a little bit to get my post written and up.  Hey at least you hear from me right?!

Friday after working and taking a nice long nap I went to pick up my race bib for the Watermelon 5K the next day.  I was meeting Sherry up there since we were running it together.  Next thing I know she has me trying on new shoes (they were Newton's and they were amazing) and I was up on a treadmill running.  And I run funny and need new shoes bad.  Parents take note.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early, 5:30, for the race on Saturday.  I had not run a 5k since my first one in April so I was pretty stoked.  But I will explain more about that race tomorrow... so be nice and please come back?

Right after the race I got on the road and headed to the beach.  Some time on the boat and the sun was just what I needed.  We all wanted a nice relaxing night so Mom and I went to the store that afternoon and picked up some salmon and steak.  Such a yummy relaxing dinner!

Sunday was spent by the pool trying to wear out the dogs.  I haven't gotten much sun lately so I was loving just hanging out and letting the sun relax me.  

That night we went to a friends home for dinner.  And I found my new favorite wine.  If you love me and want to get me some here is a picture.  For reals I love it.

I love relaxing weekends more than anything in the world. Especially when I know I have a super crazy busy week at work.  Wish me luck with those kiddos!

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Modern Camelot said...

Jealous of your pool time! Sounds like an awesome weekend :)