Monday, July 29, 2013

Girl Behind the Blog: Encouragement

I am so happy Ashley has brought back Girl Behind the Blog! I have loved doing these and I really feel as though you truly get to know someone better via video!  So here is mine all about encouragement:)




Samantha Shepherd said...

So fun to find new blogs through these link ups! I also go on "friend dates" and wouldn't trade those moments for anything. That community and encouragement is so necessary. :)

Nadine said...

I'm encouraged by your attempt to be real and to really get to know people. That is sweet and kind.
Also, you and EVERYBODY else seems to really love the 5 love languages. They're so good. I might need to read through them again.

Kerrie Williams said...

I love how many of us mentioned the 5 Love Languages when it comes to feeling encouraged! The book opened my eyes so much to how others experience and feel love and how to meet that need in others.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE that you started this bad boy out telling us we should be thankful we cant smell you through the camera. Hilarious. I am a huge believer in the love languages, too. Oddly enough my love language changes when I'm pregnant and becomes quality time (its usually acts of service) Glad you linked up!

katie_shannon said...

I love this, I've watched almost every vlog and this one is definitely one of the most encouraging for me :)