Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lauren B. Austinism

Oh my dear Lauren B. Austin.  Ever since hitting the road with her on Thursday, many funny things have come out of her mouth.  Many of which I may not want to repeat, but I think I will for laughters sake :)

"I just like a little taste of chocolate when I finish my meals" said after dinner thursday night after finding out Applebees doesnt leave mints for you after the meal.

"Don't worry its just a drug bust or something" said after passing an exit that is blocked off by about 10 police cars.

"Don't believe anything you hear this weekend" said to Lauren by my mother since Lauren has a rather hard time understanding the sarcasm my family lives by.

"Mosby you have got to come see this" said so that I would come and see one of my cats all curled up with her.  She petted the cat once.  And Im not kidding.  Once.

"How about them dinnies?!" said after I told her the story about fruit gummies and my family... no stress I had some to eat!

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