Thursday, November 15, 2012

How We Live

Since moving into our dorm this year I have learned quite a bit about my friends and how they live.  I have also learned how different we are from each other!  It is crazy to me how much alike we can be, but also so different at the same time!

I love these girls to death, but all I can do is laugh at how differently we live!

From left to right we have Jessi, Kelly, Becky, Me, and Lo.

And here are the fun little quirks I have picked up on that make us each who we are and how we live!

1. Kelly likes to live in the dark.  She always seems to have as little light on whenever possible.  I however like to turn every light on when I walk into a room. 

2.  Lo stores her spices in the fridge.  Why you ask? Because bugs might get into them.  And this has not ever happened to her before.

3.  Becky brings home food from restaurants ALL the time.  And then they sit in the fridge for weeks before she throws them out.  My food never lasts for more than a day in the fridge...I just get too excited to eat it!

4.  Jessi hangs the rug that sits on the floor outside of the shower up all the time...even if someone is about to get in.

5.  I am more likely to buy name brand food products...I just do not trust most generic brands.  I grew up on Publix and nothing can top that when it comes to generic.

6.  When someone goes to put the silverware away they never separate out the spoons.  They are different sizes people and therefor go in different places on the tray.

7.  Everything in Kelly's room matches.  The consist of three colors: grey, coral, or green.

8.  Becky and Lo take forever to put a room together.  Instead of doing a little here and a little there, they wait till they have everything and then decorate.  

9.  Jessi is very DIY and sew everything.  I would rather just go buy it half the time.

10.  And this last one is to how we all tend to be the same in the way we live.  We all make some hot messes during the week and then at some point in time clean up.  Half the time mine and Kelly's room looks like a bomb went off...and that is only the first day after it has been picked up!

I love you girls and I love that we all have our own little ways that we live!

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