Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Recap

I have to say, I consider myself to be pretty lucky.  On Fridays I have one class and that is it.  And it is at 9 so I really get a three day weekend just about every week.  Yup I'm a lucky one!

Friday after class I decide I was going to be productive!  I had not done laundry in forever so I got that done.  Plus I cleaned my room and the whole apartment.  Oh and I fixed the vacuum.

After that I pretty much did nothing.  Well I did decide I wanted to watch The Hunger Games again.  And I did.  Good decision.  Now I want to read all the books again.

Saturday I was going to be good and go workout.  But the wellness center was closed.  Lame.  So I didn't.  Instead I decided to get all cute for the guys and girls soccer games.

I would call it a success.  Another success? I have not been able to wear that shirt since freshmen year! Loves it!

That afternoon and night Jessi and I hung out at the games and cheered on our buffs! Both teams did awesome and won their games! So proud of them all:)

Sunday, after getting a nice extra hour of sleep, I went to church, the grocery store, and did homework all day.  It was a nice productive day and just how I wanted it.

Hopefully this week isn't going to be to stressful.  Just a couple tests and grad school applications and all should be good!

PS I changed the domain to my blog! It is now!! Make sure to change it in your google reader if you follow that way!!

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