Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Recap

I have to say this was one of the only weekends I have ever wished would go by fast! And why did I want it to go by so fast? Because come Wednesday at 7am I will be on a flight home to see my family!!  And that day cannot come soon enough!

Even though I wished for a quick weekend, I still wanted a good one.  And that is what I got friends!

After classes on Friday morning I spent the day just hanging out and relaxing.  I needed to make sure I was well rested for Airband that night!

The theme this year was "Wild One"! We had all kinds of bands show up including, One Direction and Justin Bieber.  I have to say One Direction (or Detour as they wanted to be called here) stole my heart!  

Some professors even got in on the action and I have to say I was pretty impressed with them! Who won you ask? I honestly couldn't tell you! I didn't know anyone in the band and they obviously didn't really stick out to me!

The day I was mostly looking forward to was Saturday.  Benjamin and Bryce (the brothers) had come to Tennessee to do some hunting and I got to go see them!

The first picture is a conversation between Benj and I.  He amazes me everyday...

Then there is me and Brycey and his pedophile mustache...bubs you gotta shave that's got major creeper status.

I promise my brothers love me and each other.  And they love it when I demand we take pictures!

After lunch at Bob's Dairyland (gotta love East Tennessee) Uncle Harvey took us riding around his property.  I got the comfy ride with him in the mule (with my seat belt buckled), while the boys cuddle on the back of our old four wheeler.  Oh how that four wheeler brought back some good memories of the old hunting lease Dad had.

Oh how I love my brothers and the time I get to spend with them! I cannot wait to see them again on Wednesday!

That night when I got back Jessi made some yummy spaghetti and invited our neighbors over.  One question...why have not done that before?! Totes fun spending some time with Gretchen and Gracie!

I then told Jess I would help her paint some signs.  Don't ever let me volunteer to do that.  For one I hate spacing things out just right, and two I am not a perfectionist!

This weekend I was also able to put together all of my Christmas presents for the girls....and hand them out! I for real was just too excited for them and had to hand them out! Tomorrow I give out the last one and then I will share with you all what I got them...let's just say it really was the perfect gift:)

Sunday was the usual spent doing homework.  Major nerd status for loving that I got a lot accomplished!

Hope yall had a great weekend too :)


anna lizbeth said...

this gets me excited!! love passing out christmas gifts :) xo annalizbeth

Stacey said...

Looks like you had an awesome weekend!! xo

Lindsey said...

Oh my gosh...Airband!!! I miss airband! What a fun weekend!