Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Goals Update

So if you look up you see a tab labeled "My Goals".  This past summer I started making some goals for myself.  When I noticed I wouldn't be finishing them all over the summer, I extended them to be life goals.  

So now I have decided to update yall on those goals, since it has been quite some time since I have!

This started out as just some Summer Goals. But in wanting to keep some goals going on I have changed this page! Here are just a bunch of goals I have in my life.  If and when they happen, you can bet I will let you know :)

1. Get healthy
2. Read at least 10 books for he summer and one book each month there after
Read Fifty Shades of Grey
Another Book Down
I was able to read 10 books over the summer! Yay me!
I am currently rereading the Hunger Games

3. Learn how to French Braid my hair
This will probs not be happening...I chopped off all my hair to braid!

4. Cook at least 3 nights a week
I pretty much cook all of my meals!  
Lots going on in my kitchen!

5.  Get a tan
6. Figure out my shoulder
7. Start running/ learn to run
This looks like a good plan:)
I gave up on this one! I would much rather do cardio another way! But maybe one day I will pick running back up!

8. Get a blog makeover
9. Start getting into the Word more
Loving what God has shown me!

10. Create my canvases for the dorm 
11. Enjoy my job
I have LOVED my job and will be sad to say bye to the girls in August!

12. Save money
Not too bad. But now that school has started I have not really been able to save!

13. Create a budget (and stick to it)

14. Take the GRE
Bought a book to get me started!
Done and Done!

15. Wear a hair bow everyday

16. Get into Graduate School
The applications are driving me crazy!

 17. Learn how to make Scallops
Made them and LOVED them!

18. Learn how to make an Apple Pie

19. Learn how to make homemade Pasta

20. Plan our trip to France

21. Find a post graduation job


themosbysinchina said...

Awesome job girl! You've done lots of them! Want to post that scallops recipe?! We live on the ocean with plenty of cheap seafood available and I would LOVE to know how to cook them!

Nicole Buckingham said...

Pretty impressive. love.

Happily following you now from the "friends" hop. I'd so love it if you'd join me at where we're riding the wave of life together, one adventure at a time.

I wanted to personally invite you too to join me and our beautiful team for An Aloha Affair-- it's a new sort of way of being/ growing together in a more meaningful way and we're truly committed to you having a great experience-- I hope you'll join us... save ya a spot?...


Shannon @Imperfectly Perfect Grace said...

awesome goals. I'm big on setting them too, but lately not so much. Your list has inspired me to get back on it, and that chart that shows you how to run, im going to get on that!

Mary EH! said...

Hey there!! I'm a new follower :)