Thursday, September 20, 2012

Inspire Me: Healthy Week 8

All In My Twenties

2 months ago I started doing this link up.  Wow I cannot believe it has been that long! And I still love it and I still love that I am keeping good track of my weight loss.  I think that it is so awesome to have something hold me accountable to this...and this link-up definitely does!

So this week has gone SO much better than the last couple.  I was getting really frustrated with my workouts and not having time for the sleep I need.  Stress was starting to take over.  So after a good phone call with my trainer, we came up with a better plan.

I have moved the majority of my workouts to the afternoon.  Seriously this has made a world of difference for me.  I am no longer pressured by time to get my workout done.  When I walk out of that gym I know I have worked hard.

While riding the spin bikes the other day, Ash may have broken the bike!
All this being said, even though I gained two pounds over the weekend, I was able to lose those 2 pounds!! 

I love watching that number go down, and this week has really motivated me to keep going and not give up!

Also this week I tried some new foods.  I grew up in Florida where all we really ate was salt-water fish.  So whenever I have thought about salmon I thought gross.  Mom and Dad don't care for it and figured I wouldn't either.  

Well Tuesday night Ashlee grilled me some salmon to try...and I LOVED it! Sometimes it is nice to change things up and not eat chicken all the time!

Hopefully next week will be just as successful and happy:)


SimplyHeather said...

Congrats on losing the pounds you gained! You're doing so well with this. Anyway, I just found you through the link-up! I hope you have a good day <3

Traci Aerykssen said...

mmmm Salmon. Yum! Good job on getting rid of those sneaky 2 lbs!


Good job in staying motivated & knowing how you need to change things up! I wish I knew what my kink was. It's nice to see progress & have this link up MAKE you want to grab your gear & head to the gym. Good Luck with the progress.. & Salmon is good for you too.

<3, Amy