Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Recap

Why is it that weekends have to come and go so quickly? Seriously I am sad to see that it is over! I was able to go to Virginia this weekend and see my momma and other family members! Oh how amazing it was to be able to get away!
On Friday I drove 5 1/2 hours just to see my momma! And when I say it was totally worth it, that is an understatement!
Friday night was interesting....we went to a Blue Grass gathering thing at the local community center.  Pretty sure the average age there was 80, so I was a little out numbered.  Mom got asked to dance several times, and she did not turn down one time.  Oh how she made the family proud!

Saturday I got woken up by the mop...I mean the dog! Chloe is seriously the cutest thing. Can I have one please?

After that Mom, Aunt Karen, Chloe, and I went on a little hike.  I wasn't told to bring tennis shoes, so I ended up going in my flip flops.  It wasn't bad at all and it was such a nice day to be outside.  The cool air plus the mountains really does something for the soul!

Saturday afternoon we went around and visited with family and said our hellos.  This weekend some of the cousins were in town, and it was nice to be able to spend time with them! I never get to see them, so I always enjoy it when I do!

Saturday night the whole family came over and we hung out and ordered pizza.  I love that we are able to just sit around and talk and not get bored.  It was really great to talk to everyone!

On Sunday I unfortunately had to head back to Milligan by 11.  Stupid classes and tests and homework.  What I would have given to have been able to stay there all week!

5 1/2 hours later I was back at Milligan and spent my night doing homework.  One good thing about coming home though? My roommate! I came home to a completely clean room (even my side)! And she left me a sweet note:) SO grateful for that girl!

Now for a busy week full of tests and papers and work! Already counting down the days till next weekend!



Sarah Grace said...

you're blog is adorable! :) and family time is the best. the drive is always worth it! :)

happy monday!

Amy Powell said...

I saw my mommy too :) Love those types of weekends!

Meghan said...

Aww. I love this. Sounds like you had a perfect weekend! :)