Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Crazy Dreams!

So Saturday I had one of those dreams. You know the ones that seem so real you wake up wondering if it actually happened. Yeah it was a crazy one.

So here it goes. My best friend Becky was getting married and we were all getting ready. Except we were in like a theme park kind of place.  There were so many people there from high school and camp that I got completely thrown off.

Becky also had us in some pretty awful dresses.  Think this except brighter more obnoxious blue and MUCH less fitted.  Oh and with a matching t-shirt underneath.  Didn't want to show too much skin!

 All the girls kept getting mad at me for not being ready on time. My hair just would not cooperate.  I was wanting to straighten it but that wasn't happening.  And then next thing I know I had blonde hair.  Yup I went blonde in the dream!

So as I am running around trying to get ready I see Valeria, a friend from camp was there. And she talked me through everything and tried to calm me down.  I am pretty sure she something along the lines of "Moose you got this.  Now calm down!"

After I finally got to looking like I wanted, I started looking for the rest of the bridal party.  They were no where in sight so I decided to go run around the park looking for them.  Apparently that day everyone and their mother was getting married and had the same colors.

I was running around when it started to rain. I was trying I find the girls to take pictures with. I was lost and crying and just knew I looked like a hot mess.  I finally caught up with them when they started all getting mad at me.  I ripped them all a knew one and then woke up.

Seriously crazy dream people!

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Anonymous said...

So. Funny. Thanks for sharing... I was laughing out loud with you!:)