Thursday, September 13, 2012

Inspire Me: Healthy Week 7

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So I know Kristen and Raven talked about changing up this series a little bit, and I cannot wait to see where it goes, but for me I am hoping to keep it right here at getting healthy.  This is such a huge part of my life right now and a journey that is still full steam ahead.

While I am still working really hard to lose weight I am starting to see school get in the way.  I have had a test, papers, and lots of reading to do.  And staying up late to study does not encourage me to get up and workout.

This week I have not lost anymore weight, but I have not gained.  Gotta look on the bright side of it all friends!  I am totally 100% pleased with myself for maintaing.  

Since I have been sitting here at this weight for the past two weeks, I have been trying to come up with a way to motivate me some more and lose more weight.  I think I may have found a solution. 

 Carina posted on her blog the other day about a Biggest Loser competition.  If all 50 people sign up, then the first place winner receives $650 and second place $350.  Why in the world would I not jump in on this action?  So friends this is my new goal.  Win me some money so I can finally buy some new clothes!

So now I am trying to figure out how to still get a workout in, without waking up at 3 am, and still sleep, study, and make it to class.  It is not easy but I have to make it work.  And I will.  Any tips for how to make this happen? I need all the help I can get!



Kristine Foley said...

GO YOU! You can totally do it! Hope you win! Looking forward to following your blog! #shoppingspree

The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

SimplyHeather said...

I know what you mean! when there's a lot going on and I'm stressed I tend to eat. I envy the people who get stressed and lose weight lol. You're going to do great though , it's a long process , but worth it (:

Dani @ Inspire Motivate Love said...

Does your school have a gym that is open to students? When class is in session (I start back in about 2 weeks) I keep my workout clothes in my car and fit in half an hour or hour in between my classes if I can. That way, I'm not trying to get up too early, or interrupting my studying at night.
Keep up the great work, and remember that it's not only about exercising, but also about what you are eating. I have cut out almost everything besides protein and veggies, and am feeling sooooo much better!

Blue Dog Belle said...

It's all about finding a balance. You'll get there love!

xo, Emily

Lacey_Renea said...

Oooh Good Luck on grabbing that cash!!

Megan B.B. said...

Good luck on winning the contest. Money is always a huge motivator for me haha
Megan @

Traci Aerykssen said...

Maintaining is awesome too! Good luck at getting that money!