Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Recap

Another weekend has come and gone already! I am always so sad to see them go:(  This weekend was a pretty good one filled with lots of homework and lots of good quality time with friends.
Friday this girl and I spent some fun time together.

Kelly has been absolutely amazing this year and I am so grateful for her! Seriously don't know what I would do without her and I am so glad I can call her "roommate"!

We decided to go out to Olive Garden for dinner.  It is always so much fun just to sit and talk about life and everything.  We then headed to the mall and back to Milli.  Later another friend came over and Kel tried to make some cookies.  I will give her some credit and say our oven is janky...but love her heart she cannot cook! We ended up eating something like dough cookies with no flavor.

My Saturday was spent much like my past two...studying for the GRE.  Now I have learned from several other people that I need to stop stressing about this.  But seriously guys I want to do good and I know I am not a good test taker.  So I have to study at least a little!

I also got to spend some time with a pretty awesome lady Saturday afternoon.  Now the reasons for why we were meeting up in the first place I don't really want to go into.  I was needing some advice and she was seriously the perfect person to go to.

Kristal is a new RD here at Milli and she is seriously awesome.  I loved spending some time with her and getting to know her.  She is so wise and this little meeting seriously just made me want to become her new bff. No joke.

Sunday I decided that I needed to sleep in and get some things done.  This should be translated to mean I decided not to go to church.  Instead I got all of my grocery shopping done, laundry done, and lots of homework done.

Like I seriously sat at my computer for 5 hours straight studying and writing a paper.  Stupid overachiever in me!  At least my week will be a little easier? yeah probs not!

And now as much as I hate to see Monday come around, I am looking forward to this week! And it all has to do with Friday coming and me getting to see my momma!!!  5 days in counting and I cant wait!!!

Little Moments Like This


Tami said...

When are you taking the GRE? It's good the that you are studying a little bit at a time. I had to take the MAT for grad school and I have to admit I was relieved to take it instead of the GRE. I'm sure you will do great!

Ashley said...

Good luck with the GRE!!!

And yay for girls' nights.