Tuesday, September 4, 2012

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Mrs. Monologues

Ok so late post today.  All because I was uninspired all day and then wonderfully ran across this link-up and decided to join in.  Yup I needed a link-up in order to get me to post.  No worries tomorrow everything should go back to its usual self!

So you want to know a little about me? Well then go click on the About Me tab at the top.

The end.

Just kidding.  I suppose I could share a little more about me with all of you out there right?  Well where to start....

I am a Florida girl currently living in TN.  I go to college here and LOVE it! Milligan could not have been a better place for me.  I am a double major in Child Development and Psychology (I really love saying this because I feel like it makes me sounds really smart.  It does doesn't it?)

I have some pretty awesome friends here that I wouldn't trade for the world...most days.  Apparently I am in a really snarky mood tonight.  I also love my family quite a bit.  In fact you should stop by again tomorrow and read about how much I miss them.

Why do I blog? Well because one day my friend started one and I liked the idea so I did it too.  And then I kept doing it.  And then people told me they loved reading my blog.  So I kept going.  And now here we are today.  

Ok I am all out of things to write about.  For reals if you want to know more check out that tab.  Or ask.  I am really good at answering questions about myself.  It's my specialty.  Ok I am really going to go now before I start to write something that could get me in trouble...because I feel like I could if no one stopped me.  Ok really I am done now.

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