Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Just Want My Mom

No really that's all I want.  If someone wanted to wrap her up and send her to me that would be great!  In fact just ahead and send the whole family.  I miss them a lot more than usual these days even Ella!

You see this summer was the longest amount of time I have spent with my family at one time since I graduated from high school.  The longest before this summer? Like 4 weeks over Christmas break.  So as much as it was hard to get use to being around them for so long, I did get use to it.  And now...I am really missing them.

Mamerz is my go to person.  You know the person you talk to about just about everything? Yeah that's her.  There really isn't much from my life that she doesn't know about.

Have a problem with a friend? Call mom.  Need to sign up for the GRE but don't know which date to take it? Call mom (need to do that one!) Got a really good grade on a test? Call mom.  Stressed out? Call mom.  Have really awesome news? Call mom.

See I call Mamerz for just about everything.  And I kinda got use to talking to her EVERYDAY this summer.  I mean we lived together.  And now we talk 1-2 times a week.  I mean I don't want to be that lame college student that call her mom everyday.  But I could if I had the time and didn't care about being lame.

Fortunately next weekend I will be seeing her.  I really cannot wait for that time.  For one I just need a break from here, and also hello I get to see her! Even just for three will be totally worth it to drive 5 hours for that!

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Amanda said...

I must be that lame student because my mom & I talked every single day, throughout the day, texting, calls, & Skype :) its okay to do what the culture says not to.. Promise :)