Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weight Loss: 10 Pounds Down!

As many of you may know, whether you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I have lost 10 pounds!!! Yeah I am super excited about this one. I have had a bit of a plateau so I have stayed at this weight for a couple weeks now.  But no worries the scale is heading back down:)

Even better has been my loss of body fat.  I have loss 3% body fat so far! I am pretty happy with that one too:)

Would I like to have lost more than this? Heck yes.  My goal for the summer was 30 lbs.  That was going to be 10 lbs a month.  But lets remember, I had shoulder surgery a month and a half ago.  And I have not been able to do almost any upper body.  This means legs, legs, cardio, and legs are all that has been done.  And when I look at it from that standpoint, I am VERY happy with where I am.

So I am probs not going to be meet my 30 lb goal, but hopefully 20 lb will happen before I head back to school!

I didn't think I was going to do this but.... I have some pictures for y'all from my weight loss.  When I first started I took some pictures, thinking no one would EVER see them.  Let's be serious...I was not looking good and was VERY unhappy with how I looked.

But after recently taking new pictures, and seeing this difference I just knew I needed to share this.  Not only so that I can completely document my weight loss here, but also to help me get over this whole self-conscious thing I have going on.

I started off weighing in at 206 lbs with 43% body fat.  (Writing that out was so much harder than you would think!)

I am now down to 196 lbs with 40% body fat. (I like the way that sounds so much better!)

So are you ready for the pictures yet? Well here goes nothing...

Left: 206 Right: 196
Left: 206 Right: 196
Please note there is not sucking in of any kind in either picture.  Also please note that I am definitely glad I have been spending the summer on the beach.  Tan is definitely my better look.  

I didn't really think 10 lbs would make that much of a difference.  My trainer has been saying for weeks that I look so much smaller.  But being that I see myself everyday, I didn't think so.  I thought yeah there are a couple places that have gotten smaller, but when I look at these pictures I definitely seen more results than I thought I would!

Well now that this post is done....I am going to go workout some more so that I can reach my goal :)


Jessi Williams said...

MOE. I am SO PROUD of you!!! I can really see the loss in your arms, abs, and cheeks!!! Really, you go woman :) I'm so excited to be your workout partner in the fall!!!

Mosby Hardin said...

Thanks so much friend! I have worked really hard and it is nice to see some results! Cannot wait to work out with you either love. I have some good workouts for us!! I will be kicking your butt!

Melody Like a Song! said...

That is amazing! You should be so proud! I can see such a difference! Can't wait to hear about your future weight loss success!

Meghan said...

Woohoo! There is FOR SURE a difference! Keep it up, girl!