Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Letters!


Friday is here, but it feels like a Saturday or something to me! I am loving that I was able to end my work week early this week and spend some awesome time with the fam! Now it is time for some Friday Letters!

Dear Cousins, I am so glad you guys were able to make it down to Florida for your vacation.  We never get to see each other, but I have really enjoyed the little time I have been able to spend with you.  Lets make this a regular thing ok?

Dear Florida Sun, Why do you have to be so hot?

Dear Gulf of Mexico, Thanks for being there to cool me off from the Florida sun.

Dear Body, Everyone keeps saying your looking good.  I am not really seeing it right now so will you please hurry up and lose some more weight so that I feel like my work is worth it?

Dear Brooke, Thanks for hogging the big bed upstairs the past two nights.  Bryce really should get rid of you...JK loves you lots:)

Dear Grandma, Thanks for all of the awesome stories you have shared while you have been here.  I love hearing about you and Grandpa and all the things you guys went through:)

Dear Readers, Thanks for stopping by. You totes make blogging worth it:)


Nicholl Vincent said...

florida sun really is so hot!!

Come to and say hello!


Mosby Hardin said...

Will do! Hope you have a great weekend:)