Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Recap!

This past weekend was another wonderful weekend spent on the Island! Oh how I could just lay out in the sun all day!

The black blob in the boat is Ella
Of course we spent the whole weekend on the boat! The puppies love the boat and love being able to go play out in the water and sand.  On Saturday we road around the island looking at all that Debby left behind.  We got lucky and found some new sandbars to pull up to!

Only problem with this sandbar....right next to Bird Island aka Nakey Island aka where all the naked people go to the beach! Yeah so not cool and so not fun!

Sunday was spent the same way pretty much! We were able to meet up with some family friends for a little bit.  Only problem with that was it was later in the day when we did so we ended up speeding more time than normal in the sun.  This resulted in my back becoming bright red.  Sun burns are not fun!

I am back in L-town for two days then back to the Island for the 4th and then back to L-town for work for two days and then back to the Island!  This weekend we have some family coming into town! Cannot wait to see everyone:)

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