Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Recap!

Sometimes I wish everyday was a weekend day because then I wouldn't be so stressed.  I have loved that I have been able to relax and do much of nothing this weekend.  Seriously I have done almost nothing.

We spent the weekend in Lakeland and while here there isn't all that much to do.  So instead of laying outside and relaxing and getting my tan on, I relaxed inside and got more white.

Friday night I had to work, and when I got off at 7 I had nothing to do.  I came home and watched some TV and then headed to bed not too late.  I had worked a lot this week so I was pretty exhausted and needed the rest.

Saturday I woke and spent the morning on the couch.  I read through blogs, watched some tv and just vegged out.  Seriously much needed.

I then decided I was going to be a little productive and do some shopping.  My work out pants have become too big on me (heck yes!) and so instead of spending half my workout pulling them up so not everyone is seeing my butt, I thought I would buy some new ones.  I was also in need of/looking for a new purse and bag for school.

I headed out to Marshalls and Target.  First time in FOREVER that both have failed me.  Like majorly failed me.  The only thing I did purchase? Some Essie Nail polish.  First Essie purchase and I must say I was very pleased and will be buying more!
Fifth Ave. Was wanting more orange but chickened out and got this one.  Wish I had gone with the orange!
Saturday night I went to dinner with the parentals.  Again we all know I have like no friends here so it's not like I had any better plans.  That plus I do enjoy a good dinner with them:)
This is what I wore to dinner.  Obsessed with that necklace!
After dinner since we were at one of the bigger shopping areas in Lakeland I thought I would go look around.  I popped into Books-a-Million and bought my first GRE study/practice book.  Thats right people time to get my study on and ace this test!
Nerd much?
I then headed over to Kohls hoping they would have some workout pants I liked on sale.  And it was my lucky day! Not only were they on sale, but I was able to buy a size smaller than I did last time!!! Yay for getting healthy!

Sunday Mamerz and I woke up and went to church.  After that we had some cleaning to do.  Mattie will be moving to Macon, GA for Law School in two weeks and all of the furniture in my room is going with her.

We needed to go through all the drawers and clean them out, as well as some closets.  Man did we do a major overhaul.  Sometimes I love the idea of just throwing everything out.

To wrap up my night as I watched the finale of The Bachelorette, I was able to get some work done on my Chevron Craft Project. So ready for these to be done!

Hope y'all had a great weekend:)

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