Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's OK Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

So excited to be able to linkup with Neely and Amber today on their 1 year anniversary of It's OK Thursday! 

This week seems to have gone by pretty quickly for me (yay!) and I am so ready for this weekend! Going to go get my tan on and just relax!

So what is OK with me today?

It's Ok...

...that I am still getting use to my new haircut.  Trying to figure out how much product to use is tough!

Loving the curls!
...that when I went to grab my water bottle out of my car my cup holder came with it and I didn't even notice till I was walking into the building #embarrassing 

...that I am still not done with my Canvases for my dorm room yet, but hopefully will be soon!

...that I am starting to get sad that I am going to have to say goodbye to the girls at work.

...that now that it is almost August maybe I am not as ready as I thought to head back to school.
Still really missing these girls though! Cannot wait for this to be everyday life!
...that I am BEYOND excited about my blog makeover that will be coming soon!

What is OK with you today? 


1 comment:

JulieBug said...

I like your haircut! Super cute. I hate the transition between cuts though. A new blog design is always fun but I will admit I love the yellow chevron background you have now. :)