Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Where I Have Been

So you may have noticed I haven't been around these parts for a little bit of time.  There are a couple reasons I have yet to blog for about a week.

For one I was on Thanksgiving break from last Wednesday till Monday.  I wanted to spend time with my family around the fire pit, not on what I should write on the blog.

Another reason? I have gotten tired of blogging a bit.  I felt like in order to be a good blogger I needed to post something everyday, comment all the time, read everyone's blog, and on and on.  And while all of that is what can make a good blogger, that is just not me.

When I started this blog it was to document my time in college.  I didn't want to forget all the time I spent with my friends or what was going on with the family. 

And now I feel like half of my post have nothing to do with this.  Most of my posts really are not that important and really I don't even care about.  And I don't even want to write them half the time, but I feel like I have to.

So from now on I may not post as often, but when I do it will be important and it will be something I want to be able to remember when I am old and gray and have forgotten everything.  And that I think will make everything happy again!



Miss Riss said...

You go girl! I was thinking the same thing actually. I feel like I always get bummed out when I don't have many followers, and then I think in order to fix that I need to do every link up I can, comment on every blog I can, post something on my blog everyday, write everyone back and blah blah blah. It's freakin' exhausting! So now I just skim my reader for the blogs I care about...including yours! =) Hope you had a happy hump day!

Miss Riss said... come I follow your blog but it doesn't show up in my reader anymore since the domain changed? Any ideas?!