Friday, May 3, 2013

I'm Uncomfortable

Day 3 of Blogging Everyday in May is here! And our topic today is to write about things that make us uncomfortable. This one I had to think a lot about which is weird because I am typically uncomfortable 80% of the time!

Number 1 thing to make me uncomfortable: Going new places by myself
I hate this with a passion. I have gotten better over the years, but being in new places all by my lonesome will make me more uncomfortable than anything in the world.

Number 2: Presentations
I hate standing up in front of a group of people with all of their eyes staring at me while I pretend to know what I am doing. At least for my group dance presentation yesterday I looked cute...

Number 3: People following me in a parking lot
Have you ever walked out of a store and the person behind you keeps following you? And you think they are going to attack you when you get to the car? No just me? Yeah totally creeps me out!

Number 4: Repeating my name 5 times
See Mosby isn't exactly the most common name ever. So typically when I meet someone new for the first time I have to repeat my name. Instead of Mosby they somehow hear Macy, Mosby(with the short o instead of long o), Mooseby, and several others. I hate having to repeat my name until they get it right!

Hope everyone has a happy weekend:)


Shane Prather said...

I love your name! I usually have to repeat my middle name 9 times because it's so funky "Holtby"

*NotablyNeurotic said...

A few things that I'm too lazy to try to string together in proper sentence form, so you get bullet points:

1.) I LOVE your name. But I totally get the weirdness of saying it over and over again. My name is Courtney and I HATE the way I sound when I say it, so anytime anyone EVER asks my name I'm like, "I don' have one."
2.) Going places alone freaks me out and I almost put it on my own list of things that make me uncomfortable. I moved a lot as a kid and I have chronic "Who am I going to sit with at lunch?" syndrome, so I tend to get anxiety about being in a place and not knowing anyone. I'm not shy by any means, but I don't want to be awkward like, "CAN I SIT WITH YOU?
3.) I love this blog challenge because I found your blog and now I'm following it. :)

Brittany said...

Cute outfit! And yes I always think people are following me!! Maybe i am just a little paranoid