Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What I've Been Reading

Since I have been home (2 weeks) I have read 3.5 books.  Yup super nerdy bookworm over here.  I have always loved reading.  Once I start a book I struggle to put it down.  I would rather sit and read than talk to people sometimes...

We all have out favorite authors and our favorite types of books.  I would love to tell you that I am an intellectual reader, but nope I am a huge lover of chick-lit! I love books that are easy to read and I do not have to decipher every word.  And my all time favorite author of these books is Kristan Higgins.

I believe I have read all of her books.  And I find myself wishing there were more.  The past two weeks her books are all I have read.  I read:

The Best Man

All I Ever Wanted


Somebody to Love


All three books were phenomenal.  All about love and dogs in each of them! Seriously if you are looking for some good light reading pick these up!

What are your favorite books to read? Summer is my time to do it and I would love some suggestions!


Amy said...

I'm reading The Forgotten Garden right now, and it's got a super interesting plot line! Definitely recommend it :)

Andrew said...

I blew through the "Dresden Files" books without reading much in between them. It's been the best, most fun series I've read in a long time.

Miss Riss said...

"Chic-lit" hahaha! I've never heard that before! So funny! I wish I could be as dilligent a reader you are! I love reading and I always have the best intentions when starting books, but I never seem to finish them, or I always seem to find other things to do..like blog or something, LOL!