Monday, November 25, 2013

What Holds Your Memories?

I was thinking the other night about how there are certain things or words that will always cause me to think of someone or some memory.  It's funny to me how something so simple can mean so much to me and nothing at all to someone else.  I love that I have these memories and things and wanted to share some of them so that I will always remember them.

1.  Want a Frosty?
A Wendy's Frosty may be a simple yummy treat to you.  But to mean it is so much more.  It is the long road trips taken all through freshmen and sophomore year with Ashlee and Eliza.  We always made a special stop for some Frosty's.  And even when it was the last thing we would want, we always asked "Want a Frosty?" everytime we saw a Wendy's sign.

2.  This one I probs should not admit to.  Mom will be killing me over this one.  It's no secret to most people who know me that I don't always use the prettiest words.  Well even though Lauren may not remember it, we bonded over the agreement that there is always a time and place for the F word.  Sometimes you just have to say F***!  

3.  Peace and Blessings
Oh freshmen year.  Sitting around Kelly and Lo's room hanging out with all the girls.  No better memories.  We may or may not have memorized this video.  And from that point on whenever we departed from each other we have said "Peace and Blessins, peace and Blessins!"

4. Sunny D
I was OBSESSED with Sunny D in college.  And Ashlee may have jumped on that chain too.  So everytime I see it in the store I want to buy it just because I think about how that was all I wanted to drink in the mornings.

5.  Pretty Pretty Princess
Did you ever play Pretty pretty princess?! I did and maybe I still do... One summer at camp, my favorite summer of all time, I told my campers I was a princess, a daughter of the King. And I may have acted like one a bit. For two maybe three weeks straight I was the pretty pretty princess with a chant and all. Oh how I miss that summer and those weeks with those girls!

I love that we all have memories to cherish. A thank God everyday we do. Pictures and memories are my most favorite thing in the world. While there are many more I could share, these few are some of my absolute favorites!

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Miss Riss said...

I looooove taking a walk down memory lane! So many good memories to relive!! And it sounds like you have some good ones =)