Monday, November 4, 2013

I'm Gonna Lose It!

Last year I lost 20 pounds.  And then over the holidays I gained 10 of those pounds back.  And I never got rid of them.  Seriously not fun knowing I weigh more than I did a year ago when all I have been trying to do is lose.  

For the past year I have not taken eating right and working out seriously.  Life got in the way and I always had something else I had to do.  And always eating the right thing got boring when all my friends could eat whatever they want.

I heard about AdvoCare awhile ago from another blog.  It is no secret that several ladies have at least done the 10 day cleanse.  Back in August my sister did the whole 24 Day Challenge and lost 10 lbs!! I was so proud of her and had hopes of being able to do the same!

After saving some money (AdvoCare is NOT cheap) I made the plunge and purchased the 24 Day Challenge.  I started it yesterday 11-3 and I end the day before Thanksgiving.

During the time I cannot have:
White flour
Processed Food

Man am I glad I end before Thanksgiving! 

During this time my diet will look a little something like this:
Spark 30 minutes before breakfast (energy like from coffee even though I can't have coffee)

Breakfast: Fiber drink (6 days during the first 10), protein, complex carb, and fruit.  Or a meal replacement shake during the last 14 days

Snack: fruit, veggies, hummus

Lunch: Protein, veggies, complex carb

Snack: same as above

Dinner: Omegaplex (vitamin) Protein and veggie

Snack: same as above

Fortunately I have eaten a diet very similar to this one and I know it works for me and that I can do it.  There are some other things mixed in as the days progressed but this is the basics.  I really look forward to feeling better with my eating.

Honestly my goal in all of this is to lose weight so that during the Holidays if I do gain some back I won't have done anymore major damage.  I am hoping this will also kick start me back into losing weight and staying on track with it!

Here are my before measurements:

Weight: 195
Height: 5'7''
Arms: 12 inches
Chest: 41 inches
Waist: 39 inches
Hips: 49 inches
Thigh: 22 inches

And the latest picture I have of myself at this weight:

Here is to hoping this will work for me and that I will be able to stick to it!  I am so ready to get this all back under control and make my health a priority again!



Miss Riss said...

I don't have the discpline to do these kinds of things...or the motivation, lol! So I'm totally gonna live vicariously through you! You go girl!

Olivia said...

You've got this girl!! I can't wait to see your results! Way to realize there is a "problem" and do something about it, I love your determination!

Amy said...

Excited for you girl! You can do this!