Monday, December 17, 2012

Gifts of Christmas Past

I have been meaning to write this post for the past year!  But later is better than never...I hope at least!

Last year I made some pretty awesome gifts for my family if I do say so myself.  I worked really hard on them and was beyond excited when it came time to open presents.  

There is one gift that stands out among all of the ones I made.  Let me give you a little back story to it.  My family LOVES wine.  Dad collects it, we have 6 wine coolers in the house, and we all get to enjoy it.  A while ago Mamerz thought that it would be fun and decorative to collect the wine corks.

Well since we had so many I decided something needed to be done with them.  My inspiration came from this on Pinterest.

Obviously instead of the letter K, I did the letter H for Hardin.  I ordered a 22 inch tall and 2 inch thick wooden H offline.  I am kicking myself for not remembering where.  But just google it and I know you will find a place!

I collected all the wine corks I could find from the house.  Mamerz knew something was up, but she had no clue what I was doing!

I then hot glued one by one the wine corks onto the H.  There is no method to this, other than varying up the corks so that you don't have all of one color together.  As you can see red wine is the norm around here, but I threw in some white wine corks as well.

You just continue adding corks all the way up the letter.  I just used my best judgement on trying to keep it looking even.  I wish I had done a better job at that, but it was my first try.  I guess you could lay them all out first, but that would take way too long for me!

And here is the finished product! I was IN LOVE with it! And I knew Mamerz was going to be blown away by it.  Christmas morning came, and when her and Dad opened it they were amazed and in love just as much as I was.

It now hangs in our kitchen and looks wonderful!  Needless to say there may be some more wine cork christmas presents coming this year...

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Melody M. said...

This is fabulous! So creative and perfect for your wine-loving family!