Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Grad School Interview #1

So yesterday I had my first Grad School interview and man was I nervous! I knew I had no reason to be, but I was.

It was here at Milligan and I knew I would know the professors interviewing me and so that did help me relax a little.  I just wanted to make sure I made a good impression!

I had two 30 minute one-on-one interviews.  The first was with a professor I currently have a class with.  She was s sweet and immediately put me at ease.  Some of her questions were a little hard, but I did the best I could.  Overall I think it went great!

After that interview we went to find out who would be interviewing me next.  And come to find out is was my current advisor who wrote my recommendation for the program for me!  I just had to laugh at that!

He was great and since he knew pretty much all my answers already, he decided to do a mock interview for me.  He told me to pretend like I didn't know him and that I was interviewing for some other school.  Seriously not an easy task.

He gave me some feedback...and I just had to laugh at his number one thing.  He told me I was too loud! He said that while I am very confident and assertive, I need to bring my voice down.  I laughed.  Who knew I was too loud!?

He gave me some other great pointers that I am so thankful for! I am glad that this was my first interview and now I kinda look forward to the others I will have!

Also thank you so much to those of you who wished me good luck! I felt so loved yesterday :)

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