Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Year In Review

2012 was a good year to me...much much better than 2011! I am actually kinda sad to see this year go, but look forward to 2013!

Started my year off with a Cortisone injection in hopes of healing my shoulder...that didn't happen!

Is a major month of birthdays for the friends and this year we all turned 21!!

We also went and saw the annual Mr. Buff contest which is always a good Milligan tradition!

This month brought Spring Break which was much needed.

My grandpa also made his way to Heaven and while we all miss him all the time, we know he is in a much better place now:)

One of the besties, Becky, got engaged!!

I celebrated my 21st birthday!! Wohoo finally legal!

Wonderful Wednesday was turned into Marvelous Monday!

We creeked Lauren after waiting way too long after her engagement!

I also hosted with two other girls a wedding shower for Lauren.

Finished my Junior Year of College

Started my job at Gold's Gym Kids Club

Started training with Sherry and since I have lost 20 pounds!!

I had surgery on my shoulder the first day of the month.

I finally made the decision to get a blog makeover and I am still loving it oh so much!

I spent mostly all of my time in one of three places: the beach, work, or working out.

I cut 12 inches off of my hair and have loved having short hair so much I am cutting it again!

Moved Mattie and Boone into law school in Georgia

Started my Senior year of college at Milligan!

Started studying for the GRE

I struggled a little bit with being away from Mamerz again but got to see her when she vistited Virginia!

Ashlee cooked me salmon for the first time and I liked it well enough:)

Visited Mattie at law school for fall break

I did my first ever vlog!

Started the long and stressful process of applying to graduate school.

Going to soccer games was in full effect! I will miss being at those and cheering on my friends.

Becky asked all of us girls to be bridesmaids in her wedding! And we all said yes of course!

Wonderful Christmas Party with Those Girls

First semester of Senior year ended with straight A's

Got accepted into my first Grad School!

It was definitely an eventful year to say the least! I am happy to say 2012 did me good and I will always be able to look back on it with fond memories!

Here is to another wonderful year coming in 2013!!

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