Friday, December 21, 2012

Getting Back on the Weight Loss Wagon

Being back home has meant getting back on track with my weight loss.  Being at school was hard for me when it came to weight loss, especially the last month or so.  Between Thanksgiving and finals week, the last thing I was focused on was losing weight.
Because of that, I gained weight for the first time since May.  Only 6 pounds, but 6 pounds too many for me.  I know exactly what happened to cause this too.  I wasn't working out at all, and I wasn't all that focused on my diet.
Now that I am back home for a month though, I am back to losing the weight.  I have only been home for a week, and I have been able to lose 4 of the 6 pounds I gained back.  I am hopeful the rest will come off soon and I will be able to lose more.
I have a goal I want to reach while I am here.  I would LOVE the get out of the 180's.  Like seriously I have seen 18something for too long!  I have 7 pounds to lose to make that happen! And I am telling you right now it is going to!


The Unlikely Runner said...

The holidays are SO HARD!! It's so frustrating but it sounds like you have some great determination, I know you get get out of those 180's! :) Happy Holidays!

Amanda said...

You're looking greatA! Keep up that work, you've got this :) && Merry Christmas!!!!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Found your blog from Amy's (SweetHomeSB) and just wanted to say hey. Good luck with your weight loss goals, girl!