Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We Don't Do Gifts

So I have this friend, Lauren, and we don't do gifts.  We just don't.  Nothing for Christmas or birthdays.  We send our love and that is all.

Now that might seem sad.  But I love the fact that we don't do gifts.  I know that she loves me and I don't need her to buy me something just to prove it. And I hope she would say the same thing about me :)

This year though Lauren is having surgery right before Christmas, and so I knew I wanted to get her something.  She lives in Tennessee and I am in Florida for break, so I won't be able to be there for her after surgery.

I use to have this bear that Lauren always cuddled with when we were hanging out.  So before summer 1 year ago I gave her the bear so that she would have something from me.  Well things happened, we went through a tiny rough patch, and well the bear got thrown away.  

So trying to replace the bear she threw away, I got her a new one.  Instead of a Christmas present he was a good luck with surgery I love you bear.  She of course hated that I got her a present, but well she sucked it up and accepted it.

Lauren I hope you love your bear, name it, and think of me after surgery when you need something to cuddle with!

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