Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I Might Need An Amputation...

If you have been around this blog for a while now, you know all about my left shoulder problems.  To this day it still amazes me how pain from one area of the body can affect all areas of the body, including your mind.

After surgery back in June, I thought everything was going to get better.  And it did...until October.  From June-October I had minimal pain, and most of it was from readjusting to using muscles that had not been used in years.

But come mid October the bad pain was back.  Radiating down my back, neck, chest, and arm.  I was heartbroken to say the least.  Working out was making it worse and I didn't know what to do.

I thought it may have just been stress related, so for weeks I didn't say anything to anyone.  A month later the pain was still there and I was a mess.  I couldn't sleep and I was in so much pain I was nauseous all the time.  I was even missing some classes...and to be honest I hated that class so I didn't really care about not going!

I finally started telling people and taking some pain meds again.  But nothing was working.  When I came home for Thanksgiving I had a massage and even that didn't work like it had before.

Fortunately on Monday I had by 6 month surgery follow up! I was SO nervous to go.  I just knew when I told them I was in pain again they would look at me like a crazy person.  I just knew they wouldn't know what was going on.  And I was sure they couldn't help me anymore.

Thankfully...I was wrong!  Even though I had to wait an hour to see the doctor, and only saw him for 3 minutes, I got answers!!

For once what I was experiencing was NORMAL! They said it happens sometimes in patients that when the nerves are healing inflammation can occur and cause pain! Praise the Lord! I am not crazy and this can be fixed!!

I am now on oral steroids for the week and a topic treatment as well.  It has only been one day and I can tell a major difference!

I am so thankful I got a good answer and will hopefully be healed soon! I have been praying so hard over this and knew God had the power to heal and answer prayers!

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Amy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your pain :( I will certainly be praying about this as well!!