Monday, June 4, 2012

What Grey's Doesn't Tell You...

We all watch Grey's Anatomy and it kinda convinces us that that is real life. NOT! As most everyone knows, I had surgery on my left shoulder Friday morning!  I was not excited about the actual surgery, but I am excited for the pain relief it is suppose to bring me.  Here is what all has happened with probs a little too much detail. Sorry for such a long post!

Friday Morning
Woke up at 5:30 and took a shower.  They gave me some soap to use, and it smelled like the hospital.  Gross I tell you.  Mom and I left the house at about 6:30.  I was not allowed to have anything to eat or drink after 12a.m. so I was kinda hungry.  I think my nerves got that out of me though.

This is what I ended up wearing...for almost 3 days...
We got to the surgical center at 7 and registered and waited to be called back.  To say I was not in a good mood or happy is an understatement.  Sorry I'm not sorry people.  They called me back to get ready for surgery and I got really scared then.  Mamerz didn't go with me and even though I am 21, I still like to have my momma there.  They had me change into this supes cute gown and socks and hair thing.  And then I had to pee in a cup.  I find that to be the most disgusting this ever!

I finally got into the chair where I knew they were going to start the IV.  Now I hate needles and started crying even before they came and talked to me.  The nurses laughed at me and then I asked for my mom.  I was so happy to see her come back there.  It always calms me down when I have someone there with me.

The IV was not fun for me, but I did it (with tears) and then had to wait some more.  I answered the questions "What are you having done today?" "Who is your doctor?" "Have you marked your arm yet?" and "How did you injure yourself?" approximately 327858293 times.  I just tried to distract myself with my phone until it was time to go back to the operating room.

I walked back there.  It does not look like it does on Grey's.  I was disappointed.  They had me lay down and the sweet nurse kept me distracted as they wrapped up my legs (not sure what that was about).  Slowly I drifted off to sleep...

Next thing I know I am waking up in hysterics.  I don't even know why I was so upset.  But I was crying and shaking and could not get myself under control.  It was kinda scary.  I was cold so they gave me warm blankets.  And then I wanted water.  Lots of water.  I kept asking for my mom again, but they wouldn't let her come back till I calmed down.  Finally I did and there came Mamerz.

The nurse I had was the same nurse who took care of my brother a year ago when he had his tonsils removed and knew my mom which was good.  Gradually they had me sit up.  That's when the nausea hit.  Apparently me and morphine don't go well together.  Fortunately my stomach was pretty empty so all I threw up was water.  Three times.  Not cute.  Not cute at all.  But at that moment I could care less what was going on.  The nurse and my mom helped me get dressed and it didn't even phase me.

Friday Afternoon and Night
Mamerz got me home and in bed.  I tried to eat a couple saltines before I took my pain meds.  I wasn't really hungry so I only got a few down.  I drifted in and out of sleep for the next couple of hours.  Mid afternoon I woke and though I was hungry.  So I asked mom to make me a protein shake.  I know I can't stay completely on the diet these few days, but I want to try as much as possible.  Well silly me didn't think about the protein powder having dairy in it and within an hour I threw that up and everything else.

I was in and out of sleep the rest of the afternoon. I would sleep and hour or two then wake up for an hour or two.  Come 7 or so I was up and went to hang out with the fan for a little bit.  The pain meds made me nauseous again so I kept battling that.  Sweet tea seemed to help settle my stomach down and I was able to eat a little for dinner.  Mostly saltines and then a few pieces of bread and two bites of steak.  Thats about all I could take.  Fortunately I was able to keep that down all night.

My sleep Friday night was much like during the day.  I would sleep a couple hours then wake up for some time.  I kept my tv on pretty much all night so that when I woke up I would have something to put me back to sleep.  FYI come 4 a.m. the informercials start and there is NOTHING to watch.

Around 5a.m. the numbing meds wore off and I was really feeling the pain.  My shoulder, neck and jaw were pretty sore. I woke around 7 for the day and took another pain pill.  It again upset my stomach but I was able to hold down a couple crackers.

Later in the morning I was feeling better and was able to really drink some Ginger Ale and eat some potatoes. Moving my shoulder was a little hard but I had to keep working on it.  This way it wouldn't get stiff.

Fortunately I was able to spend the majority of the day up.  I sat in the kitchen while mom painted and told her what a wonderful job she did.  I am a good supervisor if I do say so myself.  The pain was too bad and I was really able to move my shoulder a lot more!

Bryce's girlfriend was really sweet and brought me over some ice cream and then did my hair for me! My hair is so long now and I could not pull it up myself and I was annoyed with it, so she braided it for me.  I still need to work on learning that one.

It was nice to spend the day up and moving around a little.  I think by doing that it helped with the recovery.  I was also thankful to have gotten my appetite back by dinner time.  We ordered from Carrabas and I was able to eat a pretty good portion of my meal.

After dinner Mamerz and I watched Hugo and then off to bed for me.  The only bad part about the night was I had an annoying allergic reaction to something on my neck and it itched like crazy!

I was finally able to sleep in past 7 on Sunday.  It was so nice! I kinda feel lame that 8:30 is now sleeping in to me, but hey I will get what I can take in the sleep department!  

Sunday during the day was a little rough. I was trying to come off the pain Meds and started taking over the counter pain Meds. That and I was tired of the bandages and everything.

Sunday night I really needed to wash my hair. I have a meeting today and knew that I needed to look somewhat presentable.  I am already going to have to go in whatever will fit over these bandages, so clean hair was a must.  So what do you do when you can't shower? Have your mom wash your hair in the sink.  And let me tell made all the difference in the world.  I felt so much better!

Tonight I will be able to take off the bandages, and I am hoping over the next couple of days the pain will start to wear off.  I am also going to try to stick to my diet hopes that this will help me feel better.

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