Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Recap!

Many weekends in our family are spent in the same way! We always end up down at the beach and on the boat, which we all love!

This weekend I didn't have to work Friday or Saturday so I was a happy camper being able to come down on Friday afternoon!  I started the weekend off right with a cute bow in the hair! I spend most of my time in t-shirts and yoga pants these days so I was thrilled to be get a little dressed up!

Friday night Mom, Dad, Mattie, and I went to dinner at the Colombia with some friends! While there I managed to make a complete fool of myself.  I slipped and fell and banged my knee pretty hard.  Stupid floors.  All I wanted to do was go to the bathroom, but no I had to go and fall again!

Also at dinner that night we saw an old camp friend! Does it get any better than that?! The Girls Camp Director my last year as a camper (6 years ago) Laura Robinson, was there with her husband.  They were celebrating their anniversary and Mattie happened to see her walk by.  It is always so nice to catch up with old friends:)

Saturday I actually got to sleep in till like 8:30! Hah stupid dog always waking me up! We spent some of the day by the pool and the other part on the boat and beach! Probs the best part of the day though was being able to Skype with Jessi! Seriously miss the friends and I always love being able to talk to them!
Yes Jessi take the best pictures :)
That night as Dad cooked out on the grill, we all sat around and played Sequence.  Our family could seriously play that game forever! We are just a tad bit competitive so we always have a good time!

Sunday was Father's Day and after Dad and the other three kids went diving, we went back out on the boat with the dogs!
Brycey all ready to go dive!
Love the beach and love being able to spend time with the family! Living in Florida is always the best when the summer comes around.  The beach, the boat, and the sunsets are amazing and I am so glad I get to spend this summer enjoying it all!

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