Sunday, December 8, 2013

And She Fainted

I mentioned yesterday about the crazy day I had last week. Well here is the story!

Last Wednesay I went to go sub at one of the elementary schools for a 5th grade classroom.  It was only going to be half a day since the school has early realease days.  And it was fifth graders.  How much easier could it get for a sub?!

Well it was the craziest day I have ever had as a sub.  All was going fine and dandy.  I gave out the math assignment and after walking around and checking their work, I told everyone they had to bring me their paper to check before they could turn it in.  And everyone did, excpet for one young lady.

I looked up and saw her at one of the computers.  I asked if she had let me check her paper first and of course the answer was no.  I asked her to get her paper from the box and let me check it.  She tripped over a few back packs on her way over, but all was well.  Girl friend had had tons of enery all morning long.

She brought me her paper and as I was looking it over she stepped to my side.  Next thing I know she crumpled/fell straight back and hit the ground.  My first thought was she has tripped again.  But then she didnt get up.  And then she started rolling and makng stranged noise and he eyes were closed.  That was when I knew something was wrong.

I immediately had a student run next door and grab another teacher while I called the front office.  I then took my class to the other teachers class to watch them while the nurse took care of my student. I was completely shaken up, as were my students.  I asked if this had ever happened before to which they said no.  I calmed them all down and then went to talk to the nurse about what I saw happened.

They say she fainted/blacked out.  But honestly I kept thinking it had to be more than that.  She had not complained once that morning that she didnt feel well or was tired.  I found out yesterday when I subbed for her classes again that she had low sugars that day. I told her she may have tried, but she has not scared me away from the fifth grade!!


Jamie said...

How scary!

Brittany said...

Oh wow!! I would have been so nervous about what to do! And yes probably scared to go back haha

Miss Riss said...

O.M.G. That is terrifying!! I wouldn't know what to do! Good for you for not panicking, because I totally would've. One of my friends passed out on me one time and I freaked out and didn't know what to do! I ended up splashing water on her face and she woke up...and then I melted into tears, "I thought you DIIIEEDD!!!" LOL! It's funny when I look back on it, but it definitely wasn't funny then! Awesome job for keeping the situation under control girlfriend!